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The frustration of hooking up the trailer every day is killing you...!

The Best, Simple, Accurate Trailer Hitch You'll Ever Need.

Look like a PRO every time. 

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Eliminate the need for spotters

First and only to market

Save up to 5 minutes each time

Easy visual with backup camera


If you like saving time and money – you need CrashPad. I guarantee that you will see results when you back up your trailer the minute you begin using CrashPad. CrashPad full hitch is the perfect trailer hitch ball mount device kit. The kit is designed to align your trailer latch to the tow-ball and eliminate the need for a spotter.


CrashPad gives you the perfect hookup every time!

Hi, I'm Ken - Inventor of CrashPad.

CrashPad Full Hitch Guide

With Crash Pad, your aim is true every time, avoiding everything from cosmetic damage to serious safety risks as you guide your trailer to the ball. Designed for trailer hitches with a 1 inch shank. Crash Pad will keep you covered. Crash Pad’s integrated design will keep you covered with no moving parts for easy operation and long-lasting durability.

Bonus: 2" tow ball and securing pin for a LIMITED time at no extra charge!

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CrashPad Retro-Fit

Hand welded steel with durable build creates a useful tool for ensuring the safety of your load for years to come. Whether you are connecting your prized boat, your trailer or your workload, Crash Pad will get you matched up every time.

Best for connecting with your existing trailer hitch.

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Some great reviews

It is intuitive

As someone who has towed various trailers for over 40 years, when I first saw the CrashPad, I thought what a great idea.

I’ve struggled as an often solo driver with hitching up trailers. What a simple, ingenious solution.


It is intuitive, convenient, and keeps hands, fingers, and toes free of the hitch or it’s components when hitching up. I get comments any time I use it and I hope one day to see this device in use everywhere.


Sincerely, Eric Taylor

You are done!

I have used my CrashPad on my truck for a couple of years now and the neat part is I don’t have to worry about denting my bumper, tailgate or license plat anymore.

I have been fishing and backing up to trailers since 1980. I have damaged many license plates, bumpers and tailgates because of backing too far back and ramming the tongue of the trailer right through the license plate or into the bumper and or tailgate.

With the CrashPad it makes that sound when you back into it and you know all you have to do is lower the trailer jack on to the ball and you are done!

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