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Inspired by the need for protecting your prized possessions and to make trailer hitching easier. Crash Pad is a simple, innovative product that will make your trailer hauling life better.

Crash Pad gives you the perfect hookup every time!

Tired of all the dimples in your bumper trying to hook up your trailer? With Crash Pad you can easily align your trailer latch to the ball without even needing a spotter. If you like saving time and potential damage – you need a Crash Pad.

Get a great Crash Pad product...

Join the list of thousands of people who want the best hitching experience yet. Exclusive deals are limited! …and for those who cannot wait, we have the Retrofit Crash Pad available for sale now! (Shipping not included.)

...built well and made to last,

Our precisely welded, extremely durable steel Crash Pads make for a tough and practical tool for your rig that will ensure the safety of your payloads for years to come. Whether you are connecting your prized boat, camper, horse trailer, toy hauler, or an equipment trailer, Crash Pad will get you matched up right …every time.

...and haul your stuff worry-free.

Made of the hardest steel, the Crash Pad – Retrofit Version is the best way to protect your vehicle and trailer at a cost comparable to lesser quality “regular” hitches. Let’s get hitched and moving! Whether you’re off to work or ready for your next boating adventure, Crash Pad Retrofit Version makes the journey a breeze.