The Best, Simple, Accurate Trailer Hitch You'll Ever Need


Is aligning the tow-ball to the trailer frustrating you...?

Missed the trailer hitch by 1/4 inch and have to back up the vehicle again?

I know that feeling...

CrashPad gives you perfect alignment like a PRO everytime.


Do you want to save time, money when connecting to utility trailers?

This simple tool help you eliminate the need for a spotter; Avoid getting out the vehicle to check on the trailer connections;

Most of all, no more wasting time!

Eliminate the need for  a spotter

Save staffing cost when you are running a business Or

Save yelling at your spouse or being yelled at.

Save 5-10 minutes everytime

Save up to 48 hours per year of trailer connecting time if you disconnect and connect regularly

Works on most Hitch models

For small RV, utility, dump , recreation boat, bike, lawn & garden trailers

CrashPad Retrofit

Invented in America

24 Hours

Patented Design

Attach a CrashPad

to your current hitch

Easy Install

Works on most Reese Hitch and 2-inch  tow receiver Hitches.

CrashPad is your trailer back up spotter

Works even better with a camera

Precision Alignment

When you feel the "BUMP", you know you've got it.



If you like saving time and money – you need CrashPad. I guarantee that you will see results when you back up your trailer the minute you begin using CrashPad. CrashPad full hitch is the perfect trailer hitch ball mount device kit. The kit is designed to align your trailer latch to the tow-ball and eliminate the need for a spotter.


CrashPad gives you the perfect hookup every time!

Customer Reviews

It is intuitive

As someone who has towed various trailers for over 40 years, when I first saw the CrashPad, I thought what a great idea.

I’ve struggled as an often solo driver with hitching up trailers. What a simple, ingenious solution.


It is intuitive, convenient, and keeps hands, fingers, and toes free of the hitch or it’s components when hitching up. I get comments any time I use it and I hope one day to see this device in use everywhere.


Sincerely, Eric Taylor

You are done!

I have used my CrashPad on my truck for a couple of years now and the neat part is I don’t have to worry about denting my bumper, tailgate or license plat anymore.

I have been fishing and backing up to trailers since 1980. I have damaged many license plates, bumpers and tailgates because of backing too far back and ramming the tongue of the trailer right through the license plate or into the bumper and or tailgate.

With the CrashPad it makes that sound when you back into it and you know all you have to do is lower the trailer jack on to the ball and you are done!

  • Rod Brown



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CrashPad - Retrofit

Add-on to your existing trailer hitch.

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CrashPad - Full guide

Stand-alone ready to use full trailer hitch guide.

$68.95 | ADD TO CART


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